Green IT

In line with the global demand and to help reduce the impact of technological resources on the environment, Sweet Salsa also does its part.

Here are some of the main practices adopted by us to make our work less harmful and more sustainable:

Use of video conference

It can reduce the energy costs by up to 90%, while reducing travel and accommodation costs. Very popular nowadays, it’s part of our business culture.

Energy consumption

Our attention while finding suppliers and selecting equipment with better performance, focusing on energy savings.

Conscious consumption

We prioritize the use and reuse of materials and make the correct destination of recyclable waste. We use glass cups instead of disposable ones and filtered water among other initiatives.

Hybrid work model

The partial adoption of the home office made it possible to reduce emissions, greatly optimizing the time once spent on daily traffic commute.


Sharing services in a common space reduces resources that are often wasted in conventional models.

Cloud Computing

In addition to savings compared with the use and maintenance of a retail IT structure, we can also eliminate expenses and pollution generated by the use of energy spent on physical hardware.
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